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Housetraining Your New Puppy


Housetraining your puppy is an important step to a happy puppy.  It is a commitment that should last about 2 weeks, but can vary between puppies.  It is important to establish a certain area in the yard as a toilet area for your puppy.



It is important to keep your puppy on a good schedule, and to try to stick to it as closely as possible.  While housetraining don't allow your puppy to be free-fed, or be alone in the household.  Avoid snacks or treats that may cause upset stomachs, or lead to diarrhea and unwanted accidents.  Schedule time for naps and be sure to take them outside when they wake up.  Schedule meals and then take your puppy outside about a half an hour after every meal.  You may need to go out a few times and be sure to praise  your puppy when they have done well.


Supervise the House

When in the house keep a close eye on your puppy.  Ensure that they are not getting into trouble or wandering and whimpering when needing to go outside.  Have the puppy on a leash and have toys available for the puppy to play with.  When you are not around confine the puppy to a small area or in a kennel.  If your puppy has an accident and you CATCH them in the act of going, firmly say "NO" (do not strike or otherwise discipline your puppy) and take them to the toilet area outside. Praise them when they finish doing their business outside. If you did not catch them in the act then it is not productive to discipline them for it. Dogs learn by being reinforced withing a half second of having performed the behavior, so the best thing to do if you find a puddle on your floor and no puppy around it is to just clean up the mess.


Leaving the House

Feed your puppy about 2 hours before you leave.  Take the puppy outside and if after 5 minutes the puppy hasn't gone then wait about half an hour and go out again.  While gone, it is ideal to confine your puppy to a cozy kennel. Make sure the kennel is not large enough to use one end as their sleeping area and one end as their toilet. The kennel does not need to be used forever, but it is a helpful training tool while house training your puppy.