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Insectivorous Reptile Feeding


Cricket Gut Loading 


In order to make the feeding of crickets most nutritionally beneficial for your reptile, a technique to gut load the crickets has been devised:


Place crickets in an aquarium with an empty cardboard egg carton in it for them to crawl on and hide under.


On the bottom of the aquarium sprinkle a small volume of Tropican baby bird formula powder for the crickets to feast on (you should be able to pick up the baby bird formula at any pet store that caters to birds). This powder is a balanced diet for crickets, as well as a good balance of vitamins and minerals for your reptile when served within a cricket.


On a daily basis, place a couple of slices of fresh sweet potato, yam, or carrot which will act as a moisture source and additional vitamins.


Allow the crickets about 12 hours to "gut load" and then feed a meal-sized number of crickets to your pet.


Crickets must be consumed within 3-4 hours or they will defecate out their gut loading benefits. Any crickets not eaten should be removed and re-gut loaded before the next meal.