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Steps to Managing Osteoarthritis 


Step 1 Weight Loss

Bowmanville Veterinary Clinic has a very successful weight loss program.  A calorie-reduced diet will help to relieve weight from strained joints, and will also help to counteract other conditions such as heart disease and diabetes. 


Step 2 Prescription Diet

Premium foods such as Medi-Cal Mobility Support contain ingredients in therapeutic levels to lubricate joints; improving mobility and comfort. Veterinary diets are higher in these ingredients than pet store foods.   Hill's also has a canned form called J/D


Step 3 Physical Rehabilitation

The clinic is excited to provide programs in physical therapy to assist dogs and their owners in improving range of motion of joints and maintaining muscle tone.  Alternative therapies are available as well.  These should only be performed by a certified veterinarian.


Step 4 Nutraceuticals

Joint supplement products can make a dramatic difference for some dogs affected by osteoarthritis. Cosequin and Sasha's Blend are high quality and proven joint supplement. 



Step 5 NSAID's

When your pets comfort is not controlled with steps 1 - 4 it may be time to start a Non-Steroidal Anti Inflammatory. These drugs have been proven to dramatically increase the comfort levels of cats with arthritic pain.  These drugs do require blood tests to monitor changes.



Step 6 Adjunct Medications 

In additions to NSAID's new drugs are now available to improve quality of life in dogs with severe oseoarthristis.